BlackBook Premieres Debut EP, "Magenta Agenda"!

Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that BlackBook premiered my debut EP, Magenta Agenda today! It's been a long time in the making, and I'm so happy that it is finally here to be heard :) Check out the article + listen here

The EP hits digital storefronts and streaming platforms this Friday, August 19th as well. Special thanks to everyone that made this project possible!! xx 


"Gimme All Yer Money" MV Premieres on Galore

Happy Fall everyone! My music video for "Gimme All Yer Money" dropped on Galore's website yesterday! It was a blast to film -- the crew and I spent two days driving around Connecticut going to all the different locations. I would be lying if I didn't say it was a literal adventure capturing the footage. On day 1, we drove a vintage Dodge Dart (1967) up to CT and we soon realized it wouldn't be equipped to drive us to the actual locations -- after all, the driver's side door kept swinging open when we made turns, and we kept swerving all around the road! We soon pulled over and just got the footage we needed with the metal beast. On day 2, we rented a modern van and darted up to our planned locations which were the neat vintage time-warp spots that you'll see in the video. Nevertheless, this was a fun project since it included a handful of my friends. I guess when you're in good company, it's hard to dwell on roadblocks :) 

Anyways, without further ado, I present to you... the Eff Bombs!! :) 


Eye Candy Press Event


Big thanks to everyone that came to Eye Candy Press Event on Wednesday night! :) Also thank you to Stieber's Sweet Shoppe for powering the party with sweets and the perfect space for the event and to Stoli for keeping the beverages flowing!

It was a lovely night with a make up pop up where guests got their wings on and I played my first ever unplugged set. 

Below are some photos from Elyssa Maxx. There are more images to come soon! 




Greetings and welcome to the new home of EFFIE LIU! 

After some time as Bebe Panthere, I woke up one morning realizing I just wanted to be myself. With that said, I went ahead and changed my name, and voila, here I am. See the video below for the full announcement!

Director Quinn Shephard / Camera Operator Nikolai Vanyo / Lighting Assistant Shirley Yu / Hair Brittany White / Make Up Paige Campbell / Nails Jessica Tong / Styling Lauren Temple + Lauren Walkup / Projections Effie Liu